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Her Enemy at the AltarHer Enemy at the Altar by Virginia Heath
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Her Enemy At The Altar is a Regency Romance from Harlequin set in England in 1815.

It opens with a London Ballroom scene. Lady Constance Stuart is a gangly redhead and used to being a wallflower at such events. Fearful of his daughter becoming an aged spinster her father recently increased her dowry and the Marquis of Deal proposed marriage to Constance. However the Marquis has a reputation as a scoundrel and humiliates Constance at the ball with his attentions given very obviously to another.

Constance flees to the library to hide her shame, but is interrupted by Aaron Wincanton, who also seeks solitude. The Wincanton and Stuart families have been feuding for three hundred years and Aaron would like peace, he’s also always been attracted to Connie, but close to bankruptcy, Aaron is about to propose to Violet Garfield for the good of his family. Her feisty nature soon has Connie in a compromising embrace with Aaron and they are discovered by gloating family and acquaintances.

One kiss and Connie’s reputation is ruined, the Marquis of Deal refuses to marry her and Aaron feels obliged to offer instant marriage the very next day. As Connie’s father throws her out of the house, she must accept Aaron’s proposal but it doesn’t mean she has to ever like the despicable man.

Not long back from the Napoleonic war, Aaron tries to understand the reasons for the failing family estate, whilst attending his sick father and his new wife. Will he ever be able to tell his wife how he really thinks about her? Or will he have to agree to her wishes for an immediate annulment of the marriage?

This is a quick read and ideal for histfic romance readers.

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