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Wild Boys After Dark: Logan (Wild Billionaires After Dark #1; After Dark #1; Love in Bloom #43)Wild Boys After Dark: Logan by Melissa Foster
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Wild Boys After Dark: Logan, is book #1 in the Wild Billionaires After Dark series of hot steamy romances.

Logan Wild is an ex Navy Seal and currently works as a Private Investigator. He’s having an after work drink n the bar of a friend when he notices the barmaid taking stick from some drunk guys. She’s hot and sassy, fending them off, but when she takes a break one of them follows her out and tries to take advantage of her.

Logan’s sixth sense had kicked in enough to follow the guy and stop him abusing Stella. Stella Krane is on the run from a crazy ex who stabbed her, he’s currently in prison, but due to be released in a few days. She’s terrified he’ll find her and finish her off.

Carl Krutcher was a coke dealer from Conneticut, he’s stalked Stella, hurt her and now she’s running for her life. She’s safe with Logan but is she safe from the emotions her body feels for this super hot guy?

Logan’s good at his job, the ice-man, but to protect Stella he needs to be separate from his emotions and every-time he looks at her, he’s putty in her hands instead. Can he keep Stella safe from Kutcher forever?

A hot steamy romance from Melissa Foster.

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