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Sapphire II

By E L Tenebaum

The reader escapes to another world constructed by E L Tenebaum’s imagination.

I enjoyed the first book and was happy to read the second. In this story I joined Sapere’s tribe as they realised they had to move to greater safety than the Wild afforded them. They sense an impending attack by the Pliz and begin the daunting journey to find a safer place. They discover the Great Blue Waters and this is like a miracle, as they have never seen water like this before.

When they leave the Wild, a like-minded village takes her tribe in and hosts them. There is never any talk of assimilation and over time, Sapere discovers cultural differences that shock her. She has always known an egalitarian society rather than one that has layers of hierarchy.

The author uses foreshadowing to great effect. This foreshadowing of a pending disaster aroused my curiosity and made me want to keep reading, like entering a voyage of discovery and I was sharing the journey with all the wonderful character, E L Tenebaum has created.

This is a story about a young girl’s evolution as she accepts her special gifts, breaks with convention and assumes or rather accepts a leadership role in a world dominated by men.

She is thoughtful, courageous and grows in wisdom as she learns how to use her gifts to help those around her confront a pending attack. Her friends become her allies and her enemy’s learn to respect her.

Sapere’s hawkling travels with her and Tenebaum describes the beauty of this bird as it flies to warn Sapere of danger. The hawkling signals a change. It ferociously protects Sapere and she feels safe whenever it is near. In a sense the hawkling’s arrival, although welcomed, also signals a change in Sapere’s circumstances.

The story ducks and dives like Sapere’s hawkling and we follow its fluid movements as the group shift their thinking from underground fortifications to conquering their enemy from the sky.

If you enjoy fantasy then this is a great novel to read. The themes are universal but the setting is purely the writer’s imaginative creation.

I will give the writer the last word: “A book maybe a writer’s baby, but it takes a village to raise a child.”

Four stars

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