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Country RivalsCountry Rivals by Zara Stoneley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Star Rating four point five stars.

Country Rivals is the third book in this Rom Com series and moves slightly away from the style of Jilly Cooper writing and into a more serious issue of family and relations than the first two books. This could be read as a stand alone book but readers will get much more enjoyment if they start with book 1.

Set in Cheshire at the Tipping House Estate and Equestrian centre and next to Kitterly Heath home to rich and famous celebrities such as an England goalie, this book continues with the the life of Lottie, horse-mad heiress to the Stanthorpe estate, daughter of Billy Brinkley former show-jumper and wife of Rory Steel a top 3 day eventer.

After a fire during a wedding Lottie was running, the estate is running out of money while they wait for the insurance money to come through. With money tight they decide to allow a film producer to use the front lawns for his new film.

With Seb and Pandora Drakelow come a film crew and chaos upsetting the villagers of Tippermere with the traffic and the media attention. Champion Polo player Xander Rossi arrives to supervise the Polo ponies and their safety during filming and turns more than one head in the stable yard.

Lottie is feeling the pressure as she tries to please everyone and finds old enemies come back with vendettas to settle.

There are some fantastic characters in this series and Lady Elizabeth is one of my favourites as is Sam Simcock. I’ve enjoyed all three of the books and recommend them to those who like to see how the other half live with their RomCom.

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