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TouchedTouched by Abbey MacMunn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two point five star rating.

Touched is a romance with a paranormal theme. It ticks all the boxes of a perfect romance; boy meets girl, love at first sight, reason for them not to be together, inevitable lusting after each other, hot sex and a happy ever after ending. Light easy reading for those who know what they want from this style of romance.

The paranormal theme gives you Cami Wilson, rescued from a car bomb by a devastatingly good looking Joseph Carlisle, who turns out to be an Immortal guardian, assigned to keep her safe from “The Faction”, add in a fun witch, a crazy cat and a couple of baddies and the story ticks along at a reasonable pace.

However I was desperate for this book to take on it’s own voice and be original to make it memorable. It’s a bit light and fluffy like an effervescing chick-lit book. There were far too many eye-rolling moments which have been written a thousand times – eyes that the boy / girl can’t resist, insta-love, sex in the kitchen etc There is very little depth to any of the main paranormal storyline, leaving huge questions about why the boys are immortal, why they were chosen as Cami’s guardians, who chose them, why is the book set where it is, why do The Faction want Cami? Who are they? Who are they Elders? etc To take this book to the next level I yearned for deeper explanations.

I thought the dialogue needed more work too, all the main characters use upbeat, light casual language over-using f-bombs or Mate or hun in an attempt to differentiate them, whereas they all sounded the same to my reading ear, the opportunity to use the paranormal theme to create wonderful individual characters was lost. To the extent that at times I questioned if the book was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek comedy.

There are an overuse of cliché’s and name dropping of products, places, films, music and musicians, these have all been created by someone else and make little use of the “author voice”. Every person and element needs a purpose for it to be in the book to move the story forward. For instance why was a Tic Tac any more relevant than someone popping a fresh breath mint, or just a mint. Most readers know what a mint tastes like but others don’t know what a Tic Tac is.

Both the romance, paranormal and chick-lit genres are heavily saturated and highly competitive, this might be the perfect read for some, just not for me.

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  1. Sounds like someone writing a novel without knowing how to write a novel, alas, and hoping to tap into the best selling market. There’s so much more to it than thinking of a good story – and you can’t write about a fantasy world without building that fantasy world. I remember putting this in one of my ’11 debut author dangers’: even if you’re writing fantasy, it still has to be feasible.


  2. At least you like stories with some depth, Rosie, regardless of genre. You covered the highs and the lows; that’s a fair review. Nice book cover. 🙂


    • Oh they certainly are hard Annika, I never like to trash a writer for their work, I try to find a good reason why a book didn’t work for me and to portray it in a fair way for both the reading audience and the author, I usually offer an author further feedback privately if I have several issues with a book and of course if they want it.

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