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Spirit Warriors: The Lamenting (Spirit Warriors #4)Spirit Warriors: The Lamenting by D.E.L. Connor
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Rating 3.5 stars.

Spirit Warriors: The Lamenting is book #4 in this series of YA native American reads. They are set in Montana. At the beginning of this book there is a short introduction to the main characters and a hint of the story so far, which is a good reminder to anyone picking up the book who already knows the series. To get the best experience from this read I think you need to start the series with book 1 and work your way through.

The lead character is seventeen year old Emme, she and her teenager friends have special powers which allow them to unite with wild animals and make them spirit warriors. They are haunted by the deeds of the evil Machayiwiw (a native Indian spirit turned bad) who is intent on causing havoc and destroying Emme and her loved ones.

The book opens with a dual tragedy, Emme’s father and two close friends have recently died in a house fire and Emme and Charlie are recovering from an attack by the Machayiwiw. Charlie’s human spirit is still in Hercules a grizzly bear, but his body is in hospital, time is running out for Charlie unless they can reunite them.

Throughout the series Emme is torn between her love for Charlie whom she’s known since childhood and her new love for Jack who she intends to marry. The inevitable love triangle causes frictions within the group.

There is a lot of responsibility on the young shoulders of Emme as seen by the many sub-plots as the time for the final showdown with the Machayiwiw draws ever closer. The story continues in Book #5.

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  1. An alternative view of the shape shifter myth. I like that, although I’m wondering about the story line…


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