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Yea Though I WalkYea Though I Walk by J.P. Sloan
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Yea Though I walk is a paranormal western set in Wyoming in 1876. It opens with a scene where a man’s foot is roasting on an open fire and later eaten by human cannibals known as Wendigos

Linthicum Odell is a member of the Godpistols a group using religion as a rule of thumb to rid the country of evil. Escaping from the super human cannibals during an attack by blood drinking stiggers, Odell is rescued by Denton Folger, a local newspaperman.

Denton lives near Gold Vein with Katherina, a strange women who sleeps during the day. In return for his rescue Odell agrees to help Denton rid the town of Lars Richterman the local town thug and leader who is forcing people off their land for his own grand scheme.

The last third of the book becomes extremely complex as the triangle around Denton, Odell and Lars closes in and their fight with the Wendigo draws to a climax. Here the writer shows his aptitude to stretch the limits of the reader. I often found it quite hard to know who was talking, but I cannot reveal more without dropping in huge plot spoilers. An interesting story concept, I enjoyed the setting and the buildup but got lost on the way to the end.

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