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Kali's Wrath (Stargate SG1 #28)Kali’s Wrath by Keith R.A. DeCandido
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Kali’s Wrath is a Sci-Fi novel based on the TV series Stargate and is a new companion adventure to the shows for the SG-1 team. The book opens with a prologue for a mission to P3X-418 and standard recon for SG-7, however they are attacked by invisible beings called Reetou, and temporarily saved by some Jaffa.

The Jaffa belong to the Goa’uld Kali, whom they call The Mother Goddess, more Reetou take out the Jaffa who then try to capture SG-7 and only Captain Patel makes it home. With her she brings Kali’s first Prime who took a blast which saved her life.

SG-1 are sent in but O’Neill, Carter and Jackson become trapped when explosives send the gate plunging into an ice cold sea. Trapped on Imphal they are then kidnapped by Kali herself who wants Carter to help with a weapon and Jackson to open peace negotiations with the Reetou.

A rescue mission is planned with the added bonus of help from the Tok’ra and Master Bra’tac making this an action packed episode. There were clever back stories informing the reader about the System Lord Kali and how she fit into the many Goa’uld leaders, as well as enough background on the lead characters for first time readers to feel involved, but not too much to bore dedicated fans of the TV series.

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  1. I liked the first year or so of the Stargate series. Not sure if I’d like the book – I haven’t like the Star Trek books, but nice to know these are out there.


    • For these types of books to work, the images of the characters and the well known places have to be portrayed to the reader so that they match what the readers own experiences from the TV series were. Just like books, TV viewers will get different images and memories from a TV show than someone else watching the same thing, so it can be hard for a book to match up. Reviews of these books will reflect that.

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