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Five Stars!

Another Dylan J.Morgan book – another thrilling read!  A combination of sci-fi, horror, and post-apocalyptic elements, The Dead Lands is a gritty, action-packed novel.

From the beginning, the reader knows the mission to Hemera is expected to fail and it doesn’t take long for the characters to realize the same thing – but that doesn’t stop them from fighting for survival, making it easy to root for most of them.  Some, I was rooting for the mutants to tear into.  The novel is full of conflict – not only between the characters themselves, but also with what they encounter on Hemera.

I’ve always liked this author’s writing style – clear and concise, no wasted words and he has a gift for descriptive writing, allowing the reader to picture Hemera and everything the characters experience (the smells are revolting – I don’t think these guys got a breath of fresh air throughout the novel).

There’s a somewhat surprising twist at the end and I’m glad to know a sequel is in the works.  Highly recommended for readers who enjoy sci-fi, thrillers, action, and a touch of horror.

I received a copy of this book through Rosie’s Book Review Team in exchange for an honest review.

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12 thoughts on “Rosie’s Review Team #RBRT THE DEAD LANDS by @dylanjmorgan #SciFi #Dystopia #SundayBlogShare

  1. Sounds really good. I went straight over and got my copy . . . because I don’t have a THINK on my TBR pile! (Oh, hahaha. Sometimes I crack myself up!) At any rate, I don’t have anything like THIS on it, and I will definitely review it, too, when I finish reading. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Teri!


  2. Sounds great, but I shy away from gore. Pinned and shared for fans of the genre. A sterling review, Teri! 🙂


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