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Quintina (The Starseed Series #2)Quintina by Meghan Riley
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Quintina is book #2 of the Starseed series and continues the story from book #1 Anna. Where book one took place on Earth, book two is now set on a far away planet called Enki and takes the book well into Sci-Fi.

Anna wakes to find herself in what she believes to be imprisonment in a hospital, surrounded by people she cannot communicate with. With regular sedation she drifts into memories and dreams, flitting from her life back on Earth to further recall about others who seem familiar.

Slowly Anna recovers, begins to communicate with those caring and guarding her and with their help she finds she can speak their language as more memories return. Anna learns that Enki is home and that she was sent to Earth for seventeen years as part of a Starseed program, but friends here were able to recall her when they feared she was in danger.

Now known as Quintina, Anna’s memories of the night she was first sent to Earth are vital in revealing the enemy within. A plan is hatched to rescue an innocent man, but it hinges on getting the King to believe their tale, and seventeen years is a long time between events.

The story will continue in book #3.

As I read the first book over two and a half years ago, it took a while to remember the storyline. Book two plunges the reader into a new alien world and alien technology all of which are given lots of descriptions. Book one’s storyline is hinted at as Anna recalls her memories. I think I would have enjoyed a short storyline recap at the beginning of the book to get me back into the series. The world of Enki is well thought out, but for me the time between action was drawn out too much by the mundane. Book two moves a long way from book one with it’s seventeen year old main character, love triangle story arc. On Enki Anna is twenty four and the romance hinted at is much older, which to me potentially skips the genre from YA to NA.

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11 thoughts on “QUINTINA by Meghan Riley @PixieChaser Book #2 Starseed series #YA #SciFi #Bookreview

  1. As I’ve been reading more series and sequels lately, I’ve come to realise how important a recap paragraph or two is! In Frank Tayell’s books he puts the synopsis in the front, too, which I think is a great idea, because so often you download a book, don’t read it for ages, then when you see it can’t remember why you wanted to!

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  2. That’s a great idea, Terry. As a huge YA fan, a series tends to come with the territory and it can take a few chapters to remember who everyone is and what the hell is going on! Adding the synopsis is genius. 🙂

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  3. Glad it’s been a good idea, ladies – I’m going to put a synopsis in all my books, since seeing it in Frank Tayell’s, and, as I’m planning to write a series soon (yeah, okay, I succumbed!), I shall do the recap thing.


  4. There are so many series reads. Many mystery series can be read as a standalone, however, it’s always better if the author does a little mini recap of the prior book to help us remember the characters and situation.
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  5. The more characters and time lapses, the more periodic recaps are necessary. Sounds like good Sci-fi, though! Pinned & shared. 🙂


  6. Interesting. So Enki, is a god, supposedly. An Annunaki god from the planet Nibiru according to ancient astronaut theory. Basically Enki is from the sumerian era, but it fascinates me when I find a book with references to that theory – I wonder if the author has done research around that kind of mythology.


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