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This week on Wednesday Wing: Do you write #Crime? Got a question for the experts? Today’s guest Sue Coletta has set up a Twitter Chat Hour which may be just the answer.

Sue Coletta

Thank you for inviting me to your online home, Rosie.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to connect with homicide detectives, coroners, cold case experts, profilers, and talented authors. So, as my way of giving back to the writing community, I gathered a few of my dear friends/consultants and created #ACrimeChat on Twitter. In fact, I brought one of the experts with me to help explain what an incredible opportunity this is for crime writers, or anyone whose book revolves around a crime.

Joe Broadmeadow   @JBroadmeadow

Joe Broadmeadow retired with the rank of Captain from the East Providence, Rhode Island Police Department after twenty years. Assigned to various divisions within the department including Commander of Investigative Services, he also worked in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and on special assignment to the FBI Drug Task Force.


Joe Broadmeadow

What is #ACrimeChat?

It’s an opportunity to make your writing more realistic and more interesting. The information given is geared toward the writer. It’s that perfect blend of both worlds; real-life investigations and well-established authors whose perspective benefits both the practical aspect—research, realism, accuracy, and authenticity—and the creative—voice, point of view, dialogue, theme, plot, and sub-plot.

We focus on solving the writer’s problem of crafting an interesting story with the right blend of realism, touching the real-life nerve of crime and creativity.

Who’s involved?

Experienced investigators (international in scope) and best-selling authors with broad writing experience.

When and where does #ACrimeChat take place?

Every Wednesday on Twitter.

3-4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time

12-1 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

1-2 p.m. MDT Mountain Daylight Time

8-9 p.m. IST Irish Standard Time

8-9 p.m. BST British Standard Time

How to submit question(s)?

Tweet your question(s) to Sue’s Twitter handle @SueColetta1 and include the hashtag: #ACrimeChat. The questions will be numbered and retweeted to the group.

For example: Sue will tweet your question marked with Q1 (question one).

The experts will reply to that tweet with the corresponding answer marked as A1 (answer one).

The following day a recap of all questions will be posted for review and reference. If you’ve asked a question during the chat, you will be notified of the recap.

We launched on 6/1/16, where we discussed Crime Scenes. You can check out the recap here:

Since then, we’ve streamlined the process to make it easier to follow along (by tweeting to @SueColetta1 w/ #ACrimeChat).

List of Topics…

Wed. 6/8/16 Evidence (Real, circumstantial, witness)

Wed. 6/15/16 Forensics (including digital forensics)

Upcoming List of Topics…

Wed. 6/22/16 Fingerprints

Wed. 6/29/16 Dying Declaration (how and when they’re admissible in court)

Wed. 7/6/16 Courtroom Testimony

Wed. 7/13/16 Jurisdictional Issues (this is a confusing area, so we’ll ask that the questions stay on topic)

Because the launch garners so many questions, if you have something you’d like to ask about a topic we’ve already covered, send it my way and I’d be happy to get the answer for you.

Sue Coletta’s latest book is Wings of Mayhem;


Shawnee Daniels — cybercrimes specialist by day, cat burglar by night — ignites the hellfire fury of a serial killer when she unknowingly steals his trophy box.


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