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Bitch WitchBitch Witch by S.R. Karfelt
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Bitch Witch is a fun contemporary read. Set in Massachusetts Sarah Archer comes from a long line of bad witches. But Sarah wants to change her fate and leave the dark side behind. She leads a boring life, has a regular job as a clerk and she tries to keep the dark energy at bay, but never “P*** off a witch”.

Caught out with raging monthly hormones Sarah is abused by an aggressive truck driver. One step too far and she sends out a destructive spell which has a heavy aftershock. Blasting Sarah off her feet she is rescued by a delicious cowboy. Paul Revere Longfellow has age old family connections in Massachusetts and tattoos to match a famous poem.

It appears a love spell binding the two gets cast that night. One more thing for Sarah to deal with. Try as she might to ignore the dark stuff it tempts her. The battle between light and dark crescendos with an almighty spell which leaves Sarah in a coma with decisions to make.

There’s plenty to keep this book fun and light-hearted as well as it being about a personal battle which many can concur with, I’m glad Paul was there for Sarah and I loved the bit part played by Father McCloud, I could just see a movie part for Morgan Freeman there.

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