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Neverland EvermoreNeverland Evermore by Sarah J. Pepper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Neverland Evermore is a quick read. A dark fantasy, this is a Peter Pan tale for grown-ups. It takes the characters we all know so well and tips them upside down. The book opens with a mutiny on the Jolly Roger, egged on by Peter. The pirates want Bell to grant them immortality and to return to Neverland. But Bell refuses, because the real Neverland is an evil place and a collector of lost souls.

In a fearful skirmish Bell is stripped of most of her magical powers, the Captain’s hand is cut off and Bell fears her beloved Captain has been sent below the seas to Davy Jones’ Locker. With her love lost, her life under threat and her future bleak, Bell must travel to hell and back in the first book of this new series.

This is a clever idea for a new twist on a popular story. The use of differing POV chapters and time-slips between present day and earlier action scenes make this a fast paced and intricate read. There were enough familiar characters and common dialogue for those who’ve read the original book or seen the film adaptions to nod along knowingly, yet they can also enjoy this new darker take.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to read some fairy-tale retellings for a while now, but haven’t gotten to them yet. Sounds like this one might be a good place to start. 🙂
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