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Silent Water by Jan Ruth


The Wild Water series includes everything I desire for a perfect read. It describes contemporary life in all its complexities; love, passion, family connections, humour and tragedy. After the changes in family circumstances brought about by the blossoming romance between Jack Redman and his childhood sweetheart, Anna, when they reconnect in Wild Water, the plot grew menacing in Dark Water leaving readers on a cliff-hanger. Silent Water delivers everything I had hoped for. Events catch up with Jack and Anna and they must decide whether to reveal their secret.


Jack Redman can be embarrassing and foolish, but his passion and commitment to those he loves make him irresistible. Anna is quieter and more thoughtful, she takes longer to decide on her actions. The other main characters are also fascinating. Ex-wife Patsy is miserable in her new life in Chester and her depression leads her to be more manipulative than ever, but does she really deserve our sympathy? Jack’s daughter Lottie is hilarious as she enters puberty, acting outrageously to cope with her need for a stable home.


In Silent Water Anna matures. She takes responsibility and doesn’t rely on Jack to take care of her. When she realises that he has been keeping secrets from her, she has to decide whether their love is strong enough to survive. And as the storyline winds the threads together, there is a delicious twist at the end.


If I worked for a TV company, I would be commissioning this trilogy for a serial. Against the backdrop of stunning scenery in Snowdonia, dramatic events, family misunderstandings, tears and laughter fill the plot. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really must read all three books as soon as possible.

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  1. Isn’t that frustrating when you’re reading something and think, oh, if only this could be a TV serial??!! Lovely review, Liz, and well done, Jan 🙂

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