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A great opening prologue sets the scene for the story as a young woman is pushed to her death from her twelfth floor balcony. Jeff Fenner, on the point of hitting rock bottom due to drugs and alcohol, has nowhere left to go. Finding out about his sister’s death while at the airport waiting for his flight home, through an article reported in the LA Times, leaves Jeff in shock and disbelief. Jeff is convinced his sister did not, would not, commit suicide, as the reporter apparently believes.

Holly Barnes has blocked out her nightmarish past, but is now in a troubled relationship with her abusive musician boyfriend. She desperately wants to turn her life around and make changes for the better. After attending a meeting of Save Our Lives, a group dedicated to helping people rediscover their true selves, she meets the handsome and distinguished looking Art Bradley.

Joe Greiner, a homicide detective, and Ron Pool, a reporter from the LA times and ex-alcoholic, who has attended several meetings of Save Our Lives, are both uneasy and beginning to question the verdict on Marilyn Fenner’s death. They find several very similar cases and so begins an investigation which uncovers depravity, murder and corruption.

I enjoyed this book very much, in particular the view points switching between the prominent characters and the smooth way their stories are woven together. The story threads are fascinating and lead into a dark, inventive and well written narrative, full of tension and suspense. Characters, even secondary ones, are well portrayed and believable, and the dialogue is realistic. There’s a manipulative and twisted antagonist behind the supportive facade he presents. Emotions are described in convincing detail.

The journey into the seedier side of LA society is in stark contrast to the sparkly glamour usually associated with the City of Angels and highlights the disaster people can make of their lives. But there is a way back, if the determination to recover is dominant.

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  1. This sounds really cool. Love the cover, too. Though it seems the first paragraph got cut off from something else before it… maybe a copy+paste error!


  2. Glad that the prologue drew you in. Those are kind of rare from my experience, but I am reading a book right now where I’m so curious about the story because the prologue completely fascinated me. I like that it has a lot of suspense built in. Sounds really good. Great review! 🙂
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