FROTH ON THE CAPPUCCINO by Maeve Haran #NonFiction #AlternativeHealth #Bookreview

Froth on the Cappuccino: How Small Pleasures Can Save Your LifeFroth on the Cappuccino: How Small Pleasures Can Save Your Life by Maeve Haran
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Froth On The Cappuccino is a non-fiction delight about taking more notice and appreciating the good things in life. I picked this book up in my local library, I love going in on the spur of the moment and choosing a random non-fiction book, from my favourite section.

I bought a sandwich and some fruit and found a park bench in the sun to sit for half an hour pure reading pleasure. I think I managed a third of the book in that time, it was such an easy read. Maeve’s introduction talks about the fast world of change we live in which allows stress and unhappiness to prevail. Statistics say we are generally richer than ever before yet despite this, we are unhappier than ever.

Simple chapters follow which remind us of the tiny pleasures in life and how these small miracles and delights mean much more to us than money and power if we just stop and embrace them.

Here are some examples of my favourite chapters; clean sheets, a new magazine, drinking from your favourite cup, park life, white T-shirts, seeing your luggage appear at the airport, hot water bottles, getting invitations, holiday reading, being creative and pottering in the garden.

There are loads more magic moments which make you stop and think. This book would make a lovely gift.

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14 thoughts on “FROTH ON THE CAPPUCCINO by Maeve Haran #NonFiction #AlternativeHealth #Bookreview

  1. Love it. I’ve been an advocate of this philosophy for years; it’s the little things in life that bring you happiness, and your attitude to them. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling too tired to do anything much so sat on bed with curtains drawn watching an old series of The Walking Dead (and eating passionfruit and mango sorbet!) – I thought, at this moment, I want for nothing else in life!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. This is kind of on the same path as ‘stop and smell the roses.’ Both mean to slow down and appreciate things more. How can you appreciate anything when you’re always after the next big thing. 🙂
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    • So true, we’ll get to the end of our lives and wonder what it’s all be for and was it worth it unless we stop for a moment and really appreciate what we’ve got.


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