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Shelley has been reading Flesh by Dylan J Morgan


Author: Dylan J Morgan

Category: Horror

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars




Dylan Morgan is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. Once again I was instantly captivated by the descriptive writing and fully developed characters. The opening scene of a wife murdering her husband, chopping him up and serving him up for dinner certainly hooked me in.


The brutal and graphic murders that haunt the small town of Vacant are sinister and menacing, but so too are the townsfolk and half of the police force.


I was split into two camps when reading Flesh. Half of me felt compassion towards the drunk Sheriff Andrew Keller and his deputy Matthew, and then the other half of me wanted to scream and swear at them for letting deputies Manning and Brady get away with their drug induced behaviour. I was rooting for the Sheriff the whole time and wanted him to stand up for himself more against the corrupt Mayor and the freaky pastor.


As with any good horror story you expect a bit of blood and gore and Flesh delivers this in Dylan’s uniquely descriptive way. What I love about the author’s style is how he delivers the gore in short, sharp bursts as he concentrates primarily on the characters and their story.


The book is told from the various characters point of view which gives you a better insight into the inner workings of their mind – not always pleasant in some cases.


The ‘big bad’ remains elusive until the end portion of the book leaving a trail of terror as you speed towards the finale, which was fabulous – I didn’t see that one coming!


A must read for horror fans. I couldn’t put it down, even when my cat jumped onto my lap at a crucial point and I nearly leapt out of my skin!

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  1. Nice one, Shelley – it was Dylan Morgan who made me realise that horror isn’t just mindless gore, but is actually about the characters, like any other book, when done well 🙂

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  2. Thank you Shelley for reading and reviewing, and to Rosie for hosting the review. I appreciate everyone for commenting, glad to hear there’s some interest.


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