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Cathy has been reading The DCI Jones Casebook: Sean Freeman by Kerry J Donovan


The story begins eighteen months previously when Digby Parrish, criminal mastermind, is looking for a locksmith with particular skills. He finds what he’s looking for in Sean Freeman, who is biding his time working in a specific locksmith’s shop for his own reasons. Sean has an agenda. Parrish visits the shop and sets Sean a test – making a perfect copy of a one-off, damaged key.

Back to present day and DCI David Jones has just returned to work after a weeks break and is catching up with his team’s caseload. A spate of unsolved diamond thefts are brought to his attention, involving millions of pounds and someone who is an obvious expert when it comes to locks and electronics.

Ultimately the two storylines merge into a complex, detailed and well thought through plot, incorporating offshoot cases that keep the team on their toes. It kept me guessing too. Great writing, believable dialogue and engaging, well portrayed characters, particularly DCI Jones and his partner, Detective Sergeant Phil Cryer.

I like the slant of knowing who the offender is from the start, and also that there’s more to his story than is, at first, apparent. Hints are dropped as the story progresses, until the full extent of Sean’s story is revealed. Sean Freeman is a likeable rogue and I found myself hoping there would be a favourable outcome for him. Not so much for Digby Parrish and his cohorts, however, who are a combination of the worst aspects of human nature.

Lots of action, unexpected twists and great pacing keeps the story moving forward towards an excellent ending.

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  1. Many people don’t like having the bad guy displayed at the beginning. I don’t mind as long as it’s done well and it sounds like this one is. I like that the dialogue is believable.
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  2. Stellar review! I’m so proud of everything Kerry has accomplished with his books. He’s a great writer and a nice person, too.

    Congrats, Kerry! Pinned & shared. 🙂

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