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Teri has been reading Flesh by Dylan J Morgan


Five Stars

I’m officially a Dylan J. Morgan fan.  From his previous two books I’ve read, I knew I loved his novels.  As of now, I’d read anything he put in front of me.  Grocery list, errands to do – anything!

As a warning, I’d advise some of you not to eat while reading the first several pages of this book – but for me?  I found the opening scene morbidly delightful, and could only imagine the type of research the author conducted.  Vacant is full of some vile, twisted people who perform some reprehensible acts to keep a creature fed and away from their town.  Sheriff Andrew Keller is one of the more flawed MCs I’ve seen, an absolute wreck of a man – and yet I didn’t find it difficult to connect with him.  When his past is revealed, it’s a surprise and at that point, I came to the harrowing realization of where this story was going.  The suspense escalates even more from that point and I was riveted until reaching the end of this book.

Flesh offers vivid imagery of blood-soaked scenes, wicked chills, nail-biting suspense – a veritable buffet for horror fans.  But it’s also about the story of a man struggling to make amends for some regrettable life decisions.  Highly recommended.  I received a digital copy of this book through Rosie’s Book Review Team.

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15 thoughts on “Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT FLESH by @dylanjmorgan #Horror #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. Loved the idea that this book is a ‘buffet for horror fans…’. Not for me but I can see that you really enjoyed this, Terry – So I’m believing it’s excellently written. Not for me – but will take a peep, just to see.

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  2. I read it in 2014 and have a memory that is so bad it might as well be a blank space with a few little whispers of odd words and pictures, so I can’t remember much about this book at all other than that I loved it, but this review has made me want to read it again – thanks, Teri! 🙂

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  3. Thank you again, Teri, for reading and reviewing, Flesh, and thank you Rosie for hosting the review. Thanks also to everyone for their comments and additional reviews, I feel very humbled and happy.

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