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ResthavenResthaven by Erik Therme
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Resthaven is a YA suspense story. Kaylee is 15 and has recently moved house with her mother. With few friends she’s invited by Anna to a girls night with a few people from school, but she is reluctant to go.

She meets Jamie a sharp tongued girl who enjoys making others feel uncomfortable. Jamie leaves Kaylee in the garden where she discovers Wren, a silent thoughtful girl who doesn’t waste words on trivial chatter.

Anna and Sidney make up the last two girls in the party and Jamie leads them all to a closed Old Folks home for a scavenger hunt as the sun sets. Jamie enjoys trying to scare the others calling the place “The Dead Folks Home”. She is determined to bully them into staying in the creepy place.

The main body of the book is about the girls chasing around the huge home, getting lost, hurt and being chased, threatened and put in danger. The action is endless and leads to reader fatigue. The girls reveal their backgrounds in snippets, all having a tragedy to tell.

I believe this book misses its target audience which will strongly be teenage girls. The characters are all tense, hard and cold often untrustworthy which prevents the reader empathising with them. There needs to be many more in-depth and emotional parts which reflect true female thoughts and feelings. The action scenes in the home all follow a gaming style of adventure and perhaps show the author’s love of gaming, but which may not appeal so strongly with the target audience.

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