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Bittersweet FlightBittersweet Flight by Anne Harvey
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Bittersweet Flight is book #2 of a family saga involving the Roberts and Simcox families from Horwich, near Bolton. Book 1# A Suitable Young Man began the tale. Bittersweet Flight takes on the story of Sally Simcox and Joyce Roberts and can be read as a stand alone, but to get the most from the story I suggest reading A Suitable Young Man first. Both books are set in the 1950’s.

Sally Simcox fled to Blackpool away from a one sided love interest and taking with her a personal secret, just off the train she is knocked over and rescued by an RAF serviceman. He takes her to a nearby café to get over the shock and introduces himself as Phil Roberts.

Finding herself sharing a cuppa with the brother of the fellow she’s running from, makes Sally flee. She finds a job as a chambermaid and soon gets invited to a dance at the local RAF camp. She meets Phil again and a friendship begins to form although Phil already has a girlfriend.

Back in Horwich Joyce Roberts, Phil’s young sister is struggling with her parents ban on seeing older boy Dave Yates, very much in love they discuss the idea of eloping. They meet up in secret but Joyce is hounded by bully boy Jud Simcox who lives out his image as a thug when he beats up Dave.

In Blackpool, Phil and Sally’s friendship is tested by Sally’s big secret, but she finds support from Betty and Bob who run a B&B and offer her a job when she needs it.

Lots of nostalgia from the era from Teddy Boys to the Suez Crisis. A good read for those who enjoy a historical based Family Saga.

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