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Chris has been reading The Drought (Sex, Love & Dating Disasters)


Any book that starts with a drooling man getting punched by a barmaid has got to be worth a read, as this one is. A lot of silliness, a little romcom, this is effectively an insight into the life of an amiable idiot.

Dan finds himself in, as the title suggests, a sexual drought following his break-up with his long-term girlfriend. Cue a host of disastrous attempts to end said drought, some ‘helpful’ mates, and a sprinkling of potential romance amid the chaos…

The writing was light-hearted (which makes the stereotypes forgivable) and the dialogue realistic. The book is labeled as lad-lit for a reason, and that’s because it’s heavy on male antics, humour, and thought, and it’s worth pointing out that, for that reason, it may not be for all. But if it’s comedy, fun, and some semblance of something akin to romance from a male point of view that you’re after, The Drought is worth a read.

*I received a free copy from the author, via Rosie’s Book Review Team, in exchange for my honest review.

Find a copy here from or Steve is running a free download promotion for this book on April 28th/29th

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  1. I WAS tempted by this one from the list, as I like well written lad lit that’s not just a Nick Hornby/David Nichols rip off… think I might take it up after reading this 🙂

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