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Plaint for ProvencePlaint for Provence by Jean Gill
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Plaint for Provence is book 3 in the series. It is set in the 12th century when the present day departments of France were not all under one umbrella.
The Red Queen Alienor has had her marriage to the King of Paris annulled and she is now associated with Henri Courtmantel – Duc d’Anjou. Fearing internal reprisals Alienor sends a message to the knight Dranognetz Los Pros requesting his support at her court.
Actions of “France” don’t bother locals in Provence and supporters of the Lady Baux have their own message for Dragonetz. He is needed by Lady Baux who wishes to impress the current overseer of Provence, the Compte de Barcelone, a fearsome ruler who must placate local Lords.
Dragonetz’s lover Estela de Martin, a singer, is also invited to court. Pulled in many directions, Dragonetz struggles with an opium addiction from his time fighting in the Holy Land. His downfall begins when a no-show at the court of Alienor has her declaring him an oath-breaker and his family thus disinherit him.
There are many characters in this book, often with several names and titles which make it hard to follow. The storyline is slow at times, perhaps reflecting the fact that this is part of a series.

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