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Karen has been reading Bob by Tegon Maus


My Opinion

This book introduces you to newspaper guy Peter Anderson whose career is going downhill. A promising story requires him to get a ride to the interview; his driver is – Bob.

With Bob, Tegon Maus has created a clever combination of science fiction and mystery with a humorous streak. The story comprises some interesting characters with sufficient depth; Peter “Andy” and Dimitri “Bob” have some weird encounters, facing more than one tricky situation. I had a great time reading Bob – it is a very fast-paced read. I was drawn into the story right away, understanding Peter’s desire to help Emma and his frustration as well as enjoying Bob’s take on things.

This is for you if you like shorter, fast-paced reads, urban (Arizona!) science fiction, funny moments, interesting characters and mysteries.


Is there a “Bob” fan club?

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