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Aurelia (Roma Nova #4)Aurelia by Alison Morton
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Aurelia is book #4 in the Roma Nova series of books about an alternative Europe, one where the Roman empire lives on under the rules of the maternal family lines. What if Rome didn’t fall in AD395 and loyal Romans formed a new colony in a mountainous region north of Italy.

This book is set in the 1960’s and is the story of Aurelia, a Praetorian soldier, after her mother has a bad car accident she finds herself head of one of the 12 families, but she finds there are those who wish to undermine everything they have worked for and so she goes to Berlin as a member of a silver delegation, but underneath she works as a spy, to find who is threatening the vital Silver trade of Nova Roma.

I enjoyed this book because I have read others in the series and know the Roma Nova background, I do think readers will benefit from reading the previous books before tackling this one.

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