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Going Against Type – by Sharon Black


I love Charlie, a sports journalist kicking but in a ‘mans-world’, from the first page. The Author does a great job of connecting her with the reader – and it doesn’t hurt that she has a killer sense of humor.


After putting a disastrous relationship behind her, Charlie focuses on the one thing she knows she’s good at – sports writing. So when she’s given the chance to write a brand new column, Side Swipe, she jumps with both feet in … landing right in the middle of well-known columnist, The Squire’s, radar. And its war from the get go! Much to the delight of the media and social sites


… love is the absolute last thing either of the sparring journo’s hope to find.


Derry, a gorgeous straight fashion journalist, who has decided to hide his broken heart behind an endless string of ‘brainless’ woman, is absolutely not Charlie’s type. But the two ‘seemingly opposites’ are drawn to each other from their first ‘foot-stomp-by-panama-hat’ encounter, and as the war between their alter ego’s continue, a relationship develops between Charlie and Derry, surprising the unlikely pair.


When the media insists that The Squire and Side Swipe have it out over national radio, their alter egos are revealed for the first time … right after a night spent together!! … and it all comes crashing down! – in the funniest and most heart-warming of ways.


The story is well paced and conversation driven, with witty one liners and a great show of knowledge by the author. No frilly romance scenes here, only funny, modern relationships portrayed in punchy and real circumstances, that keeps you turning the page.


Helen and Andrew’s back story was just as intriguing, and Charlie and Helen’s friendship had me craving pasta and coffee with my besties more than once.


A fun, light read perfect for any beach day.


Congrats Mrs. Black – I’ll definitely be reading more from you.

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