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Soulless (Soul Broker, #1)Soulless by Ismael Manzano
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Soulless is a New Adult, Urban Fantasy. Charlotte Furio needs time-out from caring for her wheelchair bound father and feels she is always searching for something. Trisha approaches her in a bar asking what her one desire is in return for her soul. Not a question Charlotte feels able to answer as she classes herself as soulless. When she returns home, Trisha follows and before she knows what’s happening Trisha has Charlotte’s father signing away his soul in return for his good health.

Trisha recruits Charlotte as a “Soul Broker” and sets her up with interviews with her bosses, but when Mr White is shot, Charlotte becomes the number one suspect and must set out to prove her own innocence. Add to this a twist connected to her father’s Soul and Charlotte has a new life purpose.

The book is filled with many references to TV shows and films which distracted from the storyline, I would also have liked to see the author show a range of emotions from hthe characters, rather than just anger. The author also used a series of e-mails in the writing to provide vital answers and this was a weak method of moving the storyline along and rather too neat and tidy. The dialogue tags could be improved and there were editing issues around 75% in the version I read, with changes in type size.

ARC given for review.

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8 thoughts on “SOULLESS by Ismael Manzano #NA #UrbanFantasy @FantasyWorksPub #BookReview

  1. Yes, the idea sounds good. I think it can be profoundly explored and worth a shot. Most debut novels won’t be perfect – I don’t even want to remember what I did in my first one LOL – but there’s still plenty of chances and opportunity. Practice makes the master 🙂


  2. Shame, because it sounds quite interesting. Sometimes including a song or movie really grounds a story and fixes it in a certain time period or atmosphere, but it can be annoying if overdone. Often it feels like the author is trying to show off their own personal taste in music/ film/ fashion, and is very distracting. As are all the errors and typos. I’m surprised it has gone out as an arc like that.


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