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Suraya has been reading October Rain by Dylan J Morgan


This dystopian novella is the finest I have read in a long time. Generally, I am not a sci fi fan but have always maintained that good storytelling in any genre can over-ride people’s genre preferences. This is certainly true of October Rain.

What a pleasure it was to read. I could see the world Dylan invented and the people who occupied it. I could hear the hiss as the transport pods pulled away from the concourse.

There were sentences that captured the character and the world around her like this one: ‘No one but me noticed the girl, a young woman who looked as austere as the world around her’.

What a perfect comparison. We see the environment and the girl in it.

The story centres around Steele who is a government agent. The location is Mars, the world to which people fled when earth became a graveyard for most of its citizens. Now Mars is exploding. The story is about his hunting down the final two people government has ordered him to eliminate and transporting his wife and daughter to a new planet, Titan. The inference is that like earth the inhabitants have sucked all the resources out of Mars.

The author creates a very bleak scene indeed.

The twist at the end is stunning and I am saying nothing about it. I do not want to spoil the incredible and unexpected twist.

5 stars

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