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Best SellerBest Seller by Terry Tyler
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Best Seller is a contemporary tale about the publishing dreams of three women writers. They are all linked by their location, they live in and around Norfolk, UK and belong to the North Norfolk Novelists writers group, however their lives are totally different.

Eden Taylor is just 23 and has already landed a three book publishing deal with Austen House a subsidiary of one of the Big 5. Bringing with it glitz and glamour of a busy publicity lifestyle.

Becky Hunter is a self-published author of light romances and sales from her work trickle in enough to help out with household bills and little extras.

Jan Chilver writes to escape a hard life, self-published as well, she lacks confidence and funds to create a kick-ass marketing platform needed to sell her work.

As the story unfolds it becomes clear that everything is not as it would seem, all three have troubles as the reader is taken on a quick tour of the darker possible side of publishing. I enjoyed this book, but wanted it to go on much longer which is the sign of a really good read.

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17 thoughts on “BEST SELLER by @TerryTyler4 #Contemporary Novella about three writers #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. This sounds like something all writers should read and experience. As an editor and publisher there is definitely a dark side to sell-publishing- scams, contracts with no substance, lies and marketing/distribution scams as well. We must all be careful and pass on known bogus services and companies that promise everything and deliver nothing once they get our hard-earned money. Writer’s groups on LinkedIn are probably the best I’ve found for actual support and recommendations. Facebook … beware. Trust your editor and if you’re pleased with editing services, make them your go-to person to check out self-publishing contracts, companies, and ripoffs. Glad to see this covered in your review. A book I will check out as well to guide my own clients. Fact or fiction … doesn’t matter. Beginning writers need to know what’s out there.


      • Very true, Ms Bowman! I will say, though, that this book is not all about the scams run by unscrupulous ‘editors’ and ‘publishers’ (Tempting though that was to write about, it would have limited its market appeal!), but more about manipulation by the media to make writers into stars, to decide on what becomes a best seller – something I know infuritates us all, when we read mediocre books that have been hyped all the way to #1, and excellent self-pub works that fail to get noticed. It’s also about the extent to which writers will go to get that ‘best seller’ tag! So would still be of interest to your clients. Thanks! 🙂


    • I’ve been very pleased by how well it’s doing, Kerry! Partic as it was a story I dreamt, and started writing as soon as I got up, so I wouldn’t forget it 🙂


  2. At first I thought the story was fascinating because it was another writer talking about writers. But after stepping back, I think it’s a bigger theme of the things we think we want, deserve, or need and the lies we’re willing to live with to get them.


  3. Thanks, Olga and Barb – and Barb, I so love it when people see the themes in my books! 😉 I also intended it to be a statement about how mainstream publishers will pick something up if its packaged right, but might ignore it otherwise, and how the public can be manipulated by the media, so easily.


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