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The Spy of VeniceThe Spy of Venice by Benet Brandreth
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The Spy Of Venice is a tale written as one possibility as to the missing historical early years of playwright William Shakespeare. The scene is set with William, married, working in the family business. Often bored, he has his poetry and is glad of the distraction by a group of travelling players.

As the story unfolds, William heads first to London and then to Venice, where he ends as a player in several real life plots. There is comedy, tragedy and romance as the storyline twists and turns.

Written in a style which emulates a play, the story is very much dialogue led with many different actors. Some names are well known to fans of Shakespeare and the story is written as though William’s adventures could have given him material and ideas for his later works.

A brave topic to take on and a story for fans of Sixteenth Century European history and of course lovers of Shakespeare plays.

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