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Stargate Week

This week I’ve been bringing you reviews of 7 books linked with the Stargate TV series.

I fell in love with the series back in 1994 when hubby and I were in New York. We decided to go to the movies one afternoon, not having heard of any of the films on offer, we randomly chose the fist original Stargate Movie, when the series eventually aired in the UK we couldn’t wait to watch and I went on to get all the season box-sets and films so that I could watch them over and over.

With companion books to the series now available, I can now indulge in more from my favourite TV characters. I originally bought my first companion books for my hubby, but couldn’t resist reading them myself, even if it did take a year to get through my TBR pile before I could reach them, perhaps the wait was meant to be.

I recently reviewed Sunrise, posting my review and even making a YouTube video about the book which I had enjoyed so much, that when Stargate Novels contacted me about reviewing some more of their books, I jumped at the chance, this week will be a mix of books jumping all around the Stargate Seasons, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did reading them.

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Stargate Atlantis: Rising (Stargate Atlantis, #1)Stargate Atlantis: Rising by Sally Malcolm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rising is the initial story about the Stargate discovery of Atlantis, and was used as one of the TV episodes. There are a few differences between the book and the TV showing because of filming some of the scenes. However fans of the series will instantly rediscover the thrills the team had making their way to a new galaxy.

The Ancients left a clue for others to find in a place which over millennia became buried under miles of snow and ice, after a recent huge showdown with Apothis the Stargate team had discovered and made use of the weapons to save Earth. Now they want to find out more and the scientists have moved in. Two people have shown they have the Ancient gene which allows them to use the technology.

Daniel Jackson knows he’s on the verge of a giant historical occasion as he works to understand the gate address of the Atlantis home world. By chance Jack O’Neill brings along a young pilot whilst visiting the Antarctica site and when he is drawn to the Ancient chair they discover he also has the gene to work the technology.

Elizabeth Weir persuades Jack to let them go ahead with the mission to Atlantis, her team include; Lietenant Ford, John Sheppard, Dr Carson Beckett and Dr Rodney McKay, all names who will play a major role in the Stargate Atlantis episodes.

Fans will remember that when the team arrive on Atlantis, their first bumbling explorations in the city drain it of it’s last ounces of energy. They go out in search of a new power source, finding Teyla Emmagan and her people and waking up the fearful Wraith from their sleep.

The TV episode were played in two parts, but here in this book you get them all in one story. It was good to go back to the beginning of the Atlantis timeline and revisit how it all began.


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One of the reason I love Stargate is the fun dialogue. Here’s a quote from Stargate SG-1 Lost City: Part 1

[Anubis is planning to attack in three days]
Colonel Jack O’Neill: Three days from now’s a Thursday. Thursday’s not good for us.

All this week I’ve been ending each post with a discussion topic. Today it has to be…If you could go through the Stargate to any planet or place the TV series went to where would that be and why?

Mine would be to visit The NOX, they fascinated me with their peaceful caring way of life.

Where would you like to go and why?

I’d like to thank StargateNovels for all their support this week.

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  1. i only watched Stargate intermitently but I did see the movie and the very first episode. I think I was overtaken by Star Trek and Stargate never caught my interest.


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