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Soulless (Once Wicked, #1)Soulless by Sarah J. Pepper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Soulless is book #1 in the Once Wicked series of paranormal romances. This book is set in Las Vegas.

Declan Stilts is a 348 Year old Demon, among the human he is a millionaire playboy with anger issues. Amongst the paranormal world he is a psychopath with life threatening rages and an ability to such the essence out of his victims.

The book opens with a ghastly scene in a suite at the Bellagio hotel. Two dead and a third dying, Declan holds the women he loves in his arms, watching her die, her last whispered words see him stabbing her in the heart with an ancient knife. Laced with the Incubus Curse Declan rescues Piper from one dreadful life and plunges her into another.

Now an Immortal demon, Piper hungers for the essence created by envy from humans, she can literally suck the life from a victim, aging them beyond their years, if not killing them. She struggles between her delight at the chance to spend all eternity with Declan and her horror and guilt about what she can inflict on humans.

An old adversary of Declan’s returns, a witch called Gepetta. Declan hides Piper amongst the lower Saxony coven of witches while he tries to cover-up recent events, but danger is close and he hasn’t considered Piper’s human feelings might hamper their future together.

Sarah Pepper writes dark, twisted paranormal romance with fairy tale elements meant to chill. This is a good start to a new series, and I expect several of the minor storylines will play out in the next books.

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