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My review: ‘Searching for Summer’ is a character-driven story that draws the reader deep into Mirabelle’s complicated life from the outset. This well-written mystery delves long and hard into the emotional anguish of a mother searching for her missing teenage daughter, and as such I found it a painful read at times. That said, it’s all not doom and gloom! Mirabelle is a fun-loving character, and the man in her life also makes for a compelling read.


The suspense is well handled, and I felt the pace was just about right throughout. While many readers may not agree with all of Mirabelle’s choices I felt the author went a long way to explain her background, and most parents would probably find themselves identifying with her at times. I note that this book straddles the Women’s Literature and Cozy Mystery categories, but I’m not sure how well it qualifies as a traditional cozy, to be honest. Maybe we need a new genre for books like this – cozy-lit. A highly recommended 4 stars.

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  1. Very pleased to see yet another great review of one of Christine’s books. I’m one of those readers who didn’t agree with all of Mirabelle’s decisions. For me, Mirabelle is that friend who you deeply care about but she isn’t making the best choices… She’s such a real and compelling character.


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