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Aurelia has been reading Banish The Blues Now by Catherine Carrigan


Banish the Blues NOW is a fast and easy-to-read overview on overcoming depression without medication. The book’s author, Catherine Carrigan, has been freed from psychiatric medication for twenty-two years. In addition, to explaining her own story of a nervous breakdown and hospitalization, she has researched and compiled key elements on natural alternatives for healing depression.

Catherine’s book doubles as a reflective journal in which the reader exams food and drink consumption, thought patterns, emotions, energy levels, thyroid disorders, drug side effects, amino acids, food allergies, cortisol levels, flower essences, and more. Most of all Catherine makes the connection between happiness and having a purpose in life.

I recommend Banish the Blues NOW for anyone who wants to find wholesome ways to drive away depression.

My favorite quote: “One of the simplest ways to banish your own bad mood is to create a better life for somebody else.” –Catherine Carrigan

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