THE GHOST FILES #1 by @AprylBaker #YA #Horror #Bookreview

The Ghost Files (The Ghost Files, #1)The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker
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I chose this book after a search on the #FridayFiveChallenge, not a genre I would normally read, but really enjoyed it.

The Ghost Files #1 is a #YA #Horror set in North Carolina. Sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway is a foster kid. The book opens with her getting ready to go to a party when a ghost appears. This isn’t unusual for Mattie, she’s been seeing ghosts and ignoring them since she was five years old, she’s just never told anyone.

The ghost of Emma is around eight years old, she has a hole in her head.

Mattie leaves her foster sister Sally at home while she heads off to the party, but later the ghost of Sally appears at the party. Mattie knows she’s dead. Rushing home she begs Mrs Olsen to ring the police, but she’s reluctant because Sally told her she was going to a party too. She insists on waiting a few hours. Desperate to help find Sally’s killer, Mattie bravely calls out to the ghosts. Instead of Emma a small boy appears, he too has a shot wound. Then a gruesome ghost physically attacks Mattie and she ends up in hospital.

With no other option but to tell someone about the ghosts, Mattie confides in officer Dan Richards. Dan is very sceptical, but agrees to help. Another ghost appears, Mary, she’s beaten, but Mattie believes she is still alive, promising to find and help Mary before it’s too late. Mattie is convinced there is a serial killer attacking kids and time is running out.

I liked Mattie, she is sharp witted, independent and strong willed. She’s been in foster care long enough that she knows the system and how to survive. Horror isn’t for everyone, and I need to sleep at night, but because this is #YA I found the horror compelling to read rather than frightening. Really enjoyed the twists and turns in this and have downloaded the second book in the series.

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