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The Price You Pay (Stargate SG-1 #2)The Price You Pay by Ashley McConnell
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The Price You Pay is a companion book to the Stargate TV series and provides a new mission for the SG-1 team. In this book they go to NPR76309 or M’kwethet as the locals call themselves. The gate is in the town square and the team are asked if they are messengers from the Goa’uld.

This planet of people do not fear the Goa’uld, they have chosen to serve them in return for peace. They provide regular amounts of servants and offerings to keep their peace. The planet are in fact preparing the next batch of chosen, when the team from Earth begin stirring up defiance amongst the chosen.

There is one big problem for SG-1, they can’t find a DHD (Dial Home Device) so they are stuck on the planet. O’Neill and Daniel get themselves places on the next chosen group and are taken to Saqqara an Apophis home world. From here they intend to steal a portable DHD and rescue Sam and Teal’c.

This is the third Stargate companion book I’ve read, all by different authors and they vary in their accuracy to replicate the language, mannerisms and actions of the well known SG-1 team. With the level of fan support the TV series has, companion books need to really reflect the well set out and popular characters. This book tried hard, Teal’c was the best likeness to his TV character and Jack O’Neill was fairy good I didn’t think the author grasped the character of Samantha Carter well at all and Daniel was given thoughts that I didn’t think always fitted with the on-screen character. However the storyline was well thought-out and followed a well liked theme.

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