THE POWER BEHIND THE THRONE by Steven Savile #Stargate #SciFi #Bookreview

The Power Behind the ThroneThe Power Behind the Throne by Steven Savile
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The Power Behind The Throne is a companion book to the popular SciFi TV series Stargate SG-1. This story is about the team getting a mission to rescue a creature called a Mujina before it falls into the hands of the Goa’uld. Called for assistance by a member of the Tok’ra, SG-1 set off to the planet Vasavada. The rescue goes relatively well, but when they try to return home a gate malfunction sends them to an unknown planet.

They find themselves and the Mujina on an inhospitable planet, with no point of origin they can’t dial back home. The Mujina is a dangerous creature it messes with the team’s minds. They are captured by local people and later taken to the planet’s dictator Corvus Keen.

A scientist called Kelkus has been collecting ancient relics on the planet and uses them to release an ancient God. Readers recognise the slithering snake as a Goa’uld, this one is a system Lord called Iblis who prepares to become the planet’s God and then increase his powers and move on to more worlds.

This book didn’t work for me, there were too many long descriptions of the scenes and pondering of the characters which don’t happen in the TV series. It slowed the pace of the storyline. On TV the characters are well defined by their speech, mannerisms and characteristics, fans know how the team work together in a quick paced storyline. The author wrote Teal’c’s character the best, but missed essential traits of the others and failed to make the teamwork a big enough part. A shame because Stargate is about the SG “Teams”.

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