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Sunrise (Stargate SG-1, #17)Sunrise by J. Frances Crane
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Sunrise is a companion book to the popular TV series Stargate SG-1
This is another mission for SG-1 as seen by the book authors. I found it very authentic, the character nuances, language and mannerisms fitted my images of the on-screen characters. Jack’s wise-cracks, Daniel’s peace-making, Teal’c’s no-nonsense straight observations and Samantha’s technical know-how, even General Hammond’s gruffness all made me re-live the episodes on TV.

In this mission Jack and the team have found reference to a “Shield of the Gods” found on an abandoned planet which appears to be a research outpost. Jack is reluctant to take on the mission to travel to the home world of these new people, but General Hammond has the final say.

The team arrive on Ierna and are met by Ennis Channon, he is Pastor of the Ark, these people speak a Gaelic based dialect. They have a religious TV channel which daily speaks of the “Message of our Lord”. Their history only goes back 150 years, but when Daniel asks about the Sciath De’, he is met with an uncomfortable silence. These people obviously have secrets.

Ennis’s rebellious daughter Rhionna, makes contact and offers SG-1 some answers, she takes them outside of the Ark into the Badlands where outcasts live in poverty and at the mercy of a severe sun. Here lies a trail of answers and more questions. People from the sea-faring Seachrani arrive to trade and worn of a great storm pending. Soldiers from the Ark come and there is a stand-off, Daniel is Kidnapped, Sam and Teal’c arrested and Jack becomes a stowaway.

I enjoyed this mission and read on way into the night to finish the book as I immersed myself in the world of SG-1.

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5 thoughts on “SUNRISE – STARGATE SG-1 by J Francis Crane @Sally_Malcolm #SciFi #FridayReads

  1. Thanks for sharing, Rosie! Will do the same–and, of course, buy the book. I loved SG-1 until “Jack” retired and “Browder” stepped in. Stargate Atlantis was also well done. Must check to see if that TV series offers companion books. 🙂


    • I think it does, there are adverts in the back of my book which suggest so, however do research your choices carefully, this is the first of 3 companion books I have read, all by different authors and the character authenticity varies.


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