Wednesday Wing…Blog in a Slump? Need some ideas? #wwwblogs

Rosie's Notebook

With January being a traditionally tough month; cold dark days and nights, the after Christmas slump and the long road to pay day

many of you might be feeling that blogging has become a drag.

Why not give things a bit of TLC?

  • Freshen up your blog header with a bright new picture. Freshen up the Blog description tag line.
  • Update your “About Me” page.
  • Change your sidebar widgets, add new ones, get rid of old ones, or change the order they are in.
  • Look at the “pages” you are displaying are they old and need taking down or changing?
  • Plan some new themed posts, challenges, advice, top tips, interviews for the next couple of months.
  • Check out the annual April A-Z Blogging Challenge, the sign up page will be open on January 25th (2016) This is a great way to meet new bloggers and get new traffic to your blog. All you have to do is prepare and post 26 posts using the letters of the alphabet, they can be about anything, or from a theme, your choice. The letter A gets posted on April 1st and so on, Sundays are a rest day, so that letter Z posts are on April 30th. Bloggers from across any platform take part, the idea is to find a visit new blogs, the sign up list will give you links to all the bloggers, often showing the theme of their blog, like music, film, handicrafts, books etc Here is a link to the main A-Z page where there will be banners and badges that you can use on your blog posts. Plus there is a Twitter community supporting the challenge with Hashtags etc.

2016 Challenge

What do you do when your blog hits a slump?

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18 thoughts on “Wednesday Wing…Blog in a Slump? Need some ideas? #wwwblogs

  1. Hi Rosie – great ideas .. the A-Z is such fun and we meet some wonderful new bloggers, who become friends. Cheers to all – Hilary


  2. I love the idea of changing the order of the widgets. It’s so simple, and yet regular visitors will automatically notice the change and have a mooch around for other alternations, keeping them on your site for longer. Love the Wednesday Wing, Rosie 🙂


  3. Thanks, Rosie. I’ve just moved to a new blog and I’m trying to find my feet there. There are always fascinating challenges that I’d like to take part on but I usually have too many other things going on… I wonder if I could get myself organised for the April one. It would definitely be a shakeup!


    • Blog posts for the challenge don’t have to be long, in fact short fun posts are encouraged because you can get a lot of traffic, but with a short reading time as they want to visit as many posts as they can.


  4. Smart suggestions, Rosie. We must remember that we’re competing with our followers for their time and their interest, which is as easily lost as gained. Thanks! 🙂


  5. Great ides, Rosie. Like anything else, we tend to get tired of the way our blog looks. I did the A-Z a couple of years ago. It was fun, but would be more so if planned out ahead of April 1.


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