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Caribbean Heat (Baby Girl #5)Caribbean Heat by Elle Klass
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Caribbean Heat is the 5th book in the Baby Girl series of short stories. I do recommend reading them all in order or this book will not mean as much to the reading experience. The book does begin with a short recap about how the story began back when Cleo was just twelve years old.

This book is based in the Caribbean, Cleo now lives on the island of St. Thomas. Her father figure ex employer PI La Tige arrives for a short vacation. He offers Cleo a job helping him solve a case. Titled “The Black Widow” La Tige wants Cleo to follow Ashla and discover more about her. She uses her own investigative skills to plant a GPS signal and cameras in Ashla’s room. Ashla is here to meet Alberto Salazar for a romantic break, is he her next victim or is there a darker secret to discover?

When Cleo can’t get hold of La Tige after he returns home, her concerns rise. One evening Alberto reveals some frightening details about Ashla, add to this the missing La Tige and Cleo jumps on a plane to go to his rescue. What she finds there is a cold and calculating kidnapper.

This book ends on a huge cliff hanger which, so far didn’t work for me, I felt it was all very rushed and I have doubts about the practical details hinted at by characters at this point, I believe all will be revealed in the next book.

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  1. I truly enjoyed the first three stories. I need to catch up on the rest but think I’ll wait for the sixth installment. Thanks, Rosie. 🙂


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