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No Rest for the WickedNo Rest for the Wicked by Dane Cobain
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No Rest For The Wicked is a short read at just 127 pages. A mystery / thriller this book pulls together religion and science.

With chapters jumping back and forth between 1962, 2008 and 2009 the book first introduces the reader to Angels acting as judges purging the Universe of unworthy life-forms. Fear spreads the world and many turn to religion for support, but everyone is guessing as to where these Angels come from.

At the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, an experiment began in 2008 searching for the Higgs Boson particle, believed to hold the answers as to how the universe was created. With black holes and particles drawn to and from them, it takes a priest called Montgomery to put across a theory about the Angels. A secret meeting with one of the top people at CERN confirms the existence of DAEMONS – Dark electrical matter objects.

As the Angels draw closer their strength coming from the people’s fears, what scientific humans had a hand in creating a religious human has a hand in destroying.

This book draws to mind a mix of Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons, and The Exorcist, for me the part played by the child Angelica Andrew’s didn’t quite fit with the rest of the Angels’ methods. However readers who enjoy a quick thriller style story, should enjoy this book.

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