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Code of the Outcast (The Kyrennei #4)Code of the Outcast by Arie Farnam
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Code of the Outcast is book #4 of the Kyrennei series. The series genre is #YA #Thriller. Two years ago a super virus was reported in the Pacific North West of America. It was a lie! The truth is, it was a genetic resurgence of an extinct group of people who were allies to a minority people known as the Meikan. However this immergence of the Kyrennei is a death sentence because the Addin Association, controllers of political and economic elite powers, will stop at nothing to exterminate their ancient enemies.

Previous books in the series told us about Aranka, the first Kyrennei to escape the harsh experimental laboratories where the Addin kept young children. We’ve read about her escape, her work with other rescued Kyrennei and about her re-capture.

I would describe Code of the Outcast as a companion book to the series, so far, it takes off where book #2 ends and is the tale of another child with the Kyrennei gene. Maya is adopted and had never been told anything about the Meikan people, when we first meet her she is at college. The authorities have insisted on a college wide medical test on all students. Kai Linden is a Meikan at the same college as Maya. His world is turned upside down one day when he discovers that his parents have been taken over by the Addin mind control. But worse happens when Kai discovers a list of medical results and he sees fellow students ear marked to be taken by the Addin for their experiments.

In a moment of madness Kai rescues Maya at gunpoint. Sure she’s being kidnapped it takes a long time for Kai to get Maya to understand. Why should she believe a story about a people she’s never heard of? Soon they are fugitives on the run, trying to get Maya to safety as the Addin are hot on their heels with the police on their side.

It’s a long time before they can find a place they feel really safe in, but the Adin have one last trick up their sleeve. This storyline will continue in Book #5 of the series and I’m hoping to get some links to the characters I know from reading the first three books.

These books are horrific compelling reads, but to get the best from them they need to be read in order, so the reader can immerse themselves in the story.

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