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The Breadth of the SoulThe Breadth of the Soul by Linda Lee Williams
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The Breadth Of The Soul is a sweet holiday themed mystery. Set in Colorado Springs, it opens with a young women waking on a Greyhound bus and not knowing who she is, where she is or where she is going.

Tentative conversation and becoming aware of her surroundings she finds herself heading into Colorado Springs a few days before Thanksgiving. She has a bag of money, clothes, but no ID, phone or details of where she is going.

Alone at the bus station, a young girl beckons and she follows her to a local café, but the girl disappears. Believing she has amnesia, she allows local man Dustin to help her.

Dustin owns his own business and holds a deep pain inside, years ago a traffic accident caused the death of the love of his life. He sees a likeness in this vulnerable women and feels a need to help her. Aided by a little supernatural help, Dustin and the mystery women, both find a way of moving on and finding happiness.

This is a quick feel good read.

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