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Yesterday's Ghosts (Yesterday's Mysteries #3)Yesterday’s Ghosts by Sam Cheever
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Yesterday’s ghosts is book 3 of the cosy Yesterday’s mysteries. It can be read as a stand alone book, but to get the most from the book I suggest reading the rest of the series first because you will get so much more from them this way.

As with the first two books their is a glossary of colloquialisms from yesteryear America as spoken by the two resident ghosts at Anna’s antique shop. Set in Crocker Indiana, the book opens with Anna and Pratt attending the Apple Blossom Festival Ball. The Ball is sent into chaos by the murder of local librarian Mike Pots. Local cop Bill Dresden sets about interviewing everyone at the ball and the list of suspects becomes extremely long when it is divulged that Mike Pots was about to publish a book about the townsfolk of Crocker. The contents of which were not pretty reading and it quickly became clear that many folks would have done anything to stop Mike.

Back at Anna’s shop the ghost of Lissie Nelson arrives seeking help from the dark entity which follows her. Joss and Bess, Anna resident ghosts try to help Lissie discover what has brought her to the shop and what evil is also threatening to hurt someone.

These books are great cosy mysteries with clever twists and turns. I like all the ghostly characters and the relationship between Anna and Pratt is blossoming as the series evolves. I could easily have sat reading more about the past residents of Crocker and their ghostly characters, but perhaps there will be more in a new book in the series?

This review is based on a free copy of the book given to me by the author.

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