December Readathon – ROSETTA by Simon Cornish @UnforgivingMuse #Bookreview

Today we have another review from a reader taking part in my December Readathon.

December Readathon

Gordon has been reading Rosetta by Simon Cornish, Gordon blogs here


Rosetta – a great mystery


‘Rosella’ by Simon Cornish is a novella in six chapters in which Graham Chandlers attends the funeral of his former boss, Alan Hargreaves, a professor of Archaeology, and meets Alan’s adopted daughter, the mysterious Rosetta. She gives inquisitive Graham old notes and journals relating to Alan’s last dig. Inspection of these raises questions about Rosetta’s adoption, and also hints at a possible conspiracy. Looking for answers leads Graham and Rosetta into a mystery, aided by Graham’s old university mate Tim (Tinkerbell) Bell.


Cornish is a very good writer, who sprinkles his writing with some entertaining observations. The premise is very intriguing, and the university backdrop to the story feels natural and authentic. The story has such great potential but it is over and done before you know it, and that left me disappointed. Twelve or fifteen chapters would have done this brilliant story more justice but a full length novel would have been a wonderful read.

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7 thoughts on “December Readathon – ROSETTA by Simon Cornish @UnforgivingMuse #Bookreview

  1. After I have a chance to read the novella, I’ll be able to weigh in. Actually, “wanting more” is the best compliment! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I recently had a chat to Simon about his book and its length and he explained this was his first venture into the book world and he wanted to test the waters of his author platform. He has a full length novel is wants to work with next before he considers re-working Rosetta.


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