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Wendy chose to read and review Thicker Than Water by Georgia Rose


This is the third book of the Grayson Trilogy. Again, the author is very honest in the beginning of the book that you must read the trilogy in order as she does not summarize the first or second book in the third book. Hey, it’s a trilogy that how it is supposed to be read.

So, I picked up this book last night to start to read a few chapters, but I COULD NOT put it down, and I finished the whole book into the late night hours. So, if this review does not make sense, I apologize, because I am currently suffering from a book hangover. Okay, lady, just get to the review, already! Alright, alright, stop screaming at me! Voices, do I hear voices?

So, in book number three, we are back with Grayson and Trent on Melton Manor continuing on with their romance and daily lives. Suddenly, Trent and Cavendish are summoned to their work headquarters. Trent and Cavendish return to the Manor with two agents. The two agents are interested in Grayson’s past life and mysterious item they received addressed to Grayson that was sent to corporate headquarters in her name.

With the trouble from book two still brewing, something bad is about to happen, but will Grayson and Trent be able to survive it?

Thicker Than Water is the perfect ending to this trilogy. It was full of twists, turns, surprises, and answers! I admit, I cried at the end of this book as it was such an emotionally charged book.

If you remember the ending of the TV show, Friends, you were sorry to see it end but you knew it was okay because all is as it should be. That is how this book was for me.

This is one of my all time favorite trilogies and I highly recommend it.

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9 thoughts on “Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT THICKER THAN WATER by @GeorgiaRoseBook

    • Lovely comment Margaret, thanks! If you fancy trying this book it is on a Kindle Countdown Deal until Monday (and the first book is on a constantly low price anyway :-)) I should warn though this is a trilogy you need to start from the beginning.


  1. What a terrific review, Wendy – I love it when it’s obvious that a reviewer has genuinely and absolutely adored a book! I read the first of the trilogy and hadn’t got round to the rest yet, but the more reviews I read of this writer’s books, the more I am determined to finish the trilogy soon. 🙂


    • Great to hear that Terry – I hope when/if you do get round to them you enjoy 🙂 I love Wendy’s enthusiasm in this review, and for my books – hearing that someone enjoys your work as much as this is absolutely wonderful!


  2. Many thanks Wendy and Rosie, I absolutely love this review. I’ve been out on a road trip today to a workshop, 7 hours driving, so to get back and see this is really wonderful and a total lift 🙂


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