The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 15 John Privilege @BeardyJohn #SundayBlogShare

Welcome to Day 15 of the #MysteryNovember book tour.

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Today our guest is John Privilege and his book The American Policeman

The American Policeman

The American Policeman

After everything, there is peace. The Collective took London away from the gangs that terrorised the city after the plague and the slow terror of the Breakdown. The blood on the streets has dried. There is food, water and good housing. Everyone has work. But the meek have not inherited the earth. On a bitterly cold night a woman is brutalised and murdered, shattering the fragile calm of the city. The investigation of London’s first murder in two years falls to Inspector Timothy Conlan and the District team of the New Metropolitan Police. Tim ‘Con’ Conlan serenely navigates the harsh new London. He is dedicated, conscientious and smiling. Around him society is broken. People are traumatised, fearful and wracked with guilt. Now the dark, empty spaces of the city are being stalked by a monster. Con must find and catch a killer who seems to know his every move. At the same time, there is something rotten at the core of the new government. In the very heart of the Collective, massive lies are being spun. There are rumours of war, whispers of betrayal. The Collective is harsh, relentless and utterly unforgiving. The problem for Con is simple: find the killer; stay alive.

John Privilege

Where is your home town? 

I grew up on the outskirts of Belfast.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

Mystery fiction is a terrific medium in which to construct characters. There are always two worlds – the police/detective and the criminal – and you can play around in either. I especially enjoy reading and, it turns out, writing moral ambiguity. I like my detectives rumpled, desperate and dishevelled; and my killers human, venal and mean.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

The American Policeman is set in the aftermath of a devastating pandemic, so post-apocalyptical fiction? Is that a genre? Can you even get a post apocalypse? Maybe it’s a dystopian mystery.

Where is your book set?

The story takes place in London. I wanted a large, dark and empty backdrop to the story; a giant cemetery. The new government is rigid, authoritarian and not a little vicious. I imagined it to be almost like London in World War Two – lots of military personnel, uniforms, rationing. I don’t really know London at all. But I love the city and most of the locations used in the story are real.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

The main character is Inspector Timothty ‘Con’ Conlan – the eponymous American Policeman. He is outwardly well adjusted, loyal, conscientious and unflinchingly honest. His team in the District Division of the New Metropolitan Police is a collection of survivors: Anna Gadek, detective sergeant and the object of Con’s odd affections; Danny Galvin, another detective sergeant, broken and damaged; the mysterious Twins – Althea and Donna. Their investigation is complicated by the arrival of Jenny McCann, deputy in the London Assembly and the team’s new political officer. Other characters are revealed in flashbacks to the plague and the Breakdown. Oh, there’s also a dead little walking around the empty darkness of a mouldy hotel.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

I’m a compulsive tweeter and will bend your ear on any subject over on Twitter – @BeardyJohn.

I’m in the process of constructing a Facebook page. I have a couple of entries on Amazon.

Where can readers find your book?

14 thoughts on “The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 15 John Privilege @BeardyJohn #SundayBlogShare

  1. Well now John, how opportune that you are on today as I finished reading this magnificent book less than an hour ago and I say to all visiting here today to pop on over to Amazon and get yourself a copy – great writing, terrific story…Hush now…and do as I say 😉 Have a great day on the tour John.


  2. Well, you know how much I love this book, and yee-hah that Georgia did too, above!

    As for Facebook, John, I wouldn’t bother. Unless you pay to promote your page, these days the ‘reach’ is minimal. You’re better off building up your Twitter following. I used to get hundreds of views and comments on my FB author page posts; since they brought in the ‘pay or disappear’ policy, I get very few. The personal pages (ie, the normal one you get when you sign up for FB) is best used as a personal page only, and if FB see that you’re promoting something on there (ie, for free), they can remove your account. Mark Zuckerwhatsit and his shareholders need our money, you see.


  3. I never really know what to say when people like something I’ve written. I’m really delighted you enjoyed it, Georgia. And I also appreciate having a spot on the very excellent Mystery Tour. As the omni-helpful Terry will tell you, I’m rubbish at promotion. Maybe that suit will help! Many thanks.


    • join the club John, I hate promotion too, and Terry has kindly helped me as she’s helped you. I also know that she’s always honest in her reviews, so her good opinion is of great value, as is Georgia’s. Good luck and all the best


  4. I agree with Carol about the “TV series.” Sadly, Terry is right about Facebook. Even if you promote your page, FB will rob you of your followers (likes). I have lost 100s in the past year alone. FB is okay, though, for keeping in touch with family and friends.

    Nice to meet you on the tour, BeardyJohn. I’ll see you on Twitter, where you can bend my ear!


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  6. I’ve read great reviews of this book. Good luck, John and with regards to Facebook, it never worked for me. I mostly use it to connect with other authors.


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