Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT The Damascus Cover by Howard Kaplan

Today’s team review comes from Chris, she blogs here

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Chis chose to read and review The Damascus Cover by Howard Kaplan


A literary spy thriller with sweeping descriptions of landscapes and cities, flawed characters, and pressured relationships between friends and enemies, this novel is unlike any spy fiction I’ve read, both in literary sweep and pacing.

Ari, a washed-out agent ‘benched’ for a slip on a mission, decides to revive his career by accepting a mission he would never otherwise have done. Throw in an American photographer and a love affair, unexpected occurrences, and characters with verve and breadth, and you have a great spy plot.

The characters were well-drawn and human, and the start great at keeping the reader guessing as to how it all linked together. The pace, for me, was too slow-moving for a novel of its type. A great shame, really, because a condensed version would make a fantastic movie. Oh, wait…(soon to be a motion movie picture)

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  1. Perhaps the film has missed all the slow bits out!!! Sometimes stories work as films better than books and vice versa, don’t they?


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