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Judith read and reviewed Inconceivable by Tegan Wren


I gave Inconceivable! 3 out of 5*

Inconceivable! is an easy, ‘quick to read’ novel’ and tells the story of Hattie, an American girl who is working abroad in a fictional European country, Toulene, and falls in love with Prince John of the royal family; a man she meets in a night club, Finn’s, where he is in disguise.
Initially I thought it was chic-lit rather than romance but as the book continues it also covers the darker themes of infidelity and infertility.

My problem was that it is written in a light-hearted style with a lot of the dialogue interspersed with various slang exclamations and casual flippant inner thoughts from the protagonist which didn’t quite match the overall premise of the story.

The plot moves quickly and in detached incidents, so much so that it is difficult to get to know either of the main characters or to learn about their relationship to any depth. And so I had no empathy or real understanding of either.

To the author’s credit there are some wonderful descriptive passages that give a real sense of place and I enjoyed these very much; they gave greater depth to Ms Wren’s writing style.
There are also interesting sub plots of politics and social issues.

On a personal note I need to say that, after I’d written this review I looked for other reviews of Inconceivable! and found some on Goodreads. This book has a lot of 4& 5* reviews and many positive observations so, as a last comment, I suggest that other readers give the novel a chance and read it for themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Inconceivable by @teganwrenwrites #Bookreview

  1. Yes, what Georgia said. It will always be the case, however, that one person’s 5* is another person’s 2 or 3* ~ it depends on the criteria of the reviewers, doesn’t it?


  2. Fair and well-balanced review, Judith. What doesn’t appeal to some of us appeals to others. Thank goodness for that, or authors would be in serious trouble! 🙂


  3. Thanks Judith. You couldn’t be fairer. I always assume that what I love in some books other people will hate and vice versa, but indeed, it would be very boring otherwise.


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