The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 13 – Dena Haggerty @denaehaggerty

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Today our guest is Dena Haggerty and her book Love in the Time of Murder.

Love in the time of murder


In Love in the Time of Murder, the Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives face their toughest case yet. Delilah, or Dee as she wishes everyone would just call her already, is the granddaughter of one of the knitting detectives and her life is in a bit of a shambles. She finally manages to pry herself away from her husband’s clutches, move out on her own, and start her own business. But then her estranged husband is murdered and she’s the number one suspect. The Gray-Haired Knitting Detectives aren’t about to let one of their own get sent to the slammer and jump at the chance to search for the true killer. As if Dee doesn’t have enough problems, the knitting detectives decide that Delilah being a widow is the perfect opportunity to find her a new man and decide to put their matchmaking skills to use. Will Dee end up in prison for a murder she didn’t commit or will she be taking another walk down the aisle?

Dena Haggerty

Where is your home town?

I was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin, but have been traveling the world and living in different countries since I was 17. I’m currently in Istanbul.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I love mysteries! I grew up reading the Nancy Drew and Hardy boys books. While I was in the U.S. Army, I worked as a military police woman and eventually an investigator. I love the challenge of writing a good mystery – dropping clues and red herrings while trying to ensure readers don’t figure out whodunit too soon.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

Love in the Time of Murder is a cozy mystery.

Where is your book set?

A small town in Oklahoma. Although I never name the town, I did pattern the town on an existing place.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

The story is told from Dee’s point of view. She’s a thirty-something woman who just left her husband. Unfortunately, he husband ends up dead and she’s the main suspect. Dee’s love interest is Tommy. From the moment he met Dee, he’s been chasing her and wearing down her resistance to him. Then there are the Grey-Haired Knitting Detectives after whom the series is named. They’re a group of five elderly ladies that knit and go to church together but really just want to solve mysteries and cause trouble. Dee is the granddaughter of one of the knitting detectives.

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  3. A pleasure to meet you on the tour, Dena. Am following you on social media. Have shared your post and pinned your cover to my Author Spotlight. Added your book to my Wish List on AZ as well. 🙂


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